5 Key Elements To Make A Rap Beat Fresh And Fly

Just like composing a song or writing an essay, whenever you make a rap beat there are challenges to overcome as a producer, writer or the beat maker. One must understand each has its own elements to follow. As a beat maker, there are pointers that will help you achieve your goals. Making a hip hop beat is a long and exciting process that some may consider as minimalist, is a very complex process of producing sound that beats to the producer's ideals and style.

Here are the Elements you should adhere to when you make a rap beat:

1. Effectively: This element should push the beat maker to think of ways on how to engage the audience with the creation. It shouldn't be "lame" and should match the audiences' desire to communicate different feelings and emotions through your beat. Look to effectively match the beat to elicit the feelings that would be generated through the story of the rap.

2. Comprehension: Recognize each beats structure. Appreciate how beats come in different tempos and different expressions. Different instruments used for the beat come with its own tempo that usually jives with the times, and free dubstep music maker so, the beat maker should abide by the right fits. Or else, not many may appreciate your creation or you may have to wait for a longer period of time before it could be catered upon. You should always be a student learning the tricks and methods of making beats.

3. Experimentation: Dr. Dre, Kanye West, among others uses styles that express their emotions in their beats. One must not enclose himself to the conventions. Adding a different type of spice to your work could make your beat even better. The use of loops, for example, can never let you down. You may count on bass lines and other effects as well. Experiment with the levels or tracks until you are satisfied.

4. Mastery: Each of your tracks should always be mastered, and you should know the process first hand. The more you know about your tracks and the sequence of your beats the better you become. As the saying always goes, "practice makes it perfect". One must not be outright confident with his work unless he mastered every single sound and curve of his beat.

5. Originality: It pays to be unique. With it, a beat maker stands out from the robots and is distinguished right away. It is not bad to be similar to someone you look up to but it would be great to be known for your own style. A beat maker should always pay respect to another's triumphant creations and not just use it for his sake and fame. Always put in your own signature to your beat or style the great ones are the ones who break the mould they are the ones that are remember ad talked about. Be original and you will be the one who is being paid respect for your triumphant works

These elements should be remembered whenever you are making your own hip hop beats and be put in the hearts of every single beat maker. It may be so redundant to hear and read about these kinds of things but these are things basic and crucial to the beat maker and should always be remembered. Software is available to enhance each skill and practice is essential to make you excel in such a craft and art. Good things come to those who are patient - as beat making can sometimes be frustrating, but in the end it can be exciting and fun. It may just be a hobby to some, an addiction to many, but it is foremost an art form to a culture that ever further continues to define society and is a voice for others that once could not be heard. So every time you make a rap beat be proud to be part of such a legendary art form.

By: Dwight Noah

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